This is the only booking service you need – A review of booking.com

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I have been promoted reviews of different booking agency and price comparisons between those. The more sites comparing pricing, ease of use, drawbacks and possibilities, the more difficult for you as the reader to navigate between the different sites and services.

My goal is to make sure you have the best opportunity to have all the services you need for your vacation and traveling purposes in one place. This mean I always need to find better solution, keep you updated, and do revision of posts. Or I need to remove it entirely as soon as I discover new services, better prices and so on.


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International booking – directly from your living room

This goes without saying. You have the possibility to book your hotel from your living room. Or at your office after a rough week for that matter. Maybe your boss need you to go on a business trip to promote your business? Just pick up your phone and book your hotel reservation with the app. Either you use android, iPhone or iPad. In other words, this is the best booking agency near you. Right in your pocket. Oh, you need access to internet connection however….

Price comparison – the easy way

This is just awesome. You have the possibility to compare prices between different booking services, such as Booking.com

In other words, you just need one booking agent. That’s the booking agent in your pocket.

Let me give you a specific example. I want to book a hotel in New York City from 14 November to 18 November. Room for 2 adults. I want to book a room at Stewart Hotel New York City. The prices ranges widely. So I just choose the cheapest one. Then just click on the offer and book my next vacation. Easy right?

Easy to use and easy to find what you looking for

Enter your destination, when you want check in, when you want to check out, and how many rooms you are  looking for. That’s it. In addition to this standard searches, you have the possibility to search for star ratings, price pr. night, property type and guests ratings.

That’s why your phone is the only traveling agent you need. Or is it?

It’s pretty easy to sum up. You only need this service to book your hotel. It’s very neat and easy to use as price comparison tool. They have their own app for Android and iOS system, and have the international travelers in mind. They have possibility to translate the site in many languages and set pricing in your currency. Do you really need anything else?

Do you have any experience with their services? good or bad? Something they could do better? Maybe you prefer another traveling agent? If so why do you prefer them instead? Please leave a comment of your thoughts below.

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  1. Again sir. great information on the post. The info about Booking.com was priceless. The flexibility and convince that you are providing is so necessary and welcomed. thanks for the info and I will be using your services.

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