General safety tips while traveling. Safety tips

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This is article is geard toward tourists in London. However, those safety tips are so general, they apply everywhere you travel.

Keep Safe In The City

Common sense and an awareness of what is going on around you are always important in big crowds of people or densely populated areas.

To ensure you are not an easy target for pickpockets or would-be thieves, follow these simple rules:

Eating Out

  • Keep mobile phones, wallets, and purses safely tucked away, and never leave them in plain sight.
  • Keep your handbags or briefcases tucked away under your chair in bars and restaurants, or use a table clip if the venue provides one.
  • Never accept drinks from strangers — incidences of “spiking” are relatively low in the city, but it’s always best to be cautious

Visiting Public Places

  • Never leave your bags unattended. Apart from the potential risk of theft, unattended items often lead to unnecessary security alerts.
  • Always carry your wallet or purse close to you, and never carry too much cash around. Keep bags close to you in busy areas, and carry your backpack forward facing on your chest.
  • Mobile phones and other devices are incredibly tempting to thieves. Ensure that you always keep yours out of sight when not in use.
  • Before you travel, make a note of your electronic serial numbers (ESNs).
  • If you do lose your valuables, dial 101 for the nearest police station. You will need to make a full report with them as soon as possible. If you lose your card or it’s stolen and you don’t have a backup, consider an instant approval credit card that’ll show you your numbers and card details instantly online. That’ll allow you to make online purchases (travel purchases such as train/airline/hotel tickets etc) without waiting for the card to come.
  • If you are using an ATM, be sure that there is nobody looking over your shoulder as you enter your PIN.

At Your Hotel

  • Always keep your passports and other valuables in a locked room safe if one is available.
  • Keep a note of the address of your hotel and contact number with you at all times. If you get lost, you can use this to find your way back.

Traveling on Your Own

Always have a point of contact that you check in with during your stay, whether they are in the UK or another country. London is one of the safest cities in the world, but it is good to keep in touch with folks back home.

Although most areas of London do not pose any particular threats to single (or group) travelers, use your own common sense when walking around late at night. Stay on main roads and in well-lit areas.

Always Be Aware

Just as in any busy city, incidents can occur. To help stay safe during your stay, you can do some research before you visit. Watch the National Police Chiefs’ Council’s (NPCC) video with advice on what to do in the rare event of a firearms or weapons attack, and download the free CitizenAid app on Android or Apple, which gives advice on immediate actions in case of an incident.

Do you have any special safety tips or concerns when you are on traveling? Please leave a comment below.

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