Emergency phone number list

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When you are on travel, the worst case scenario might happen. Fortunately, its very rare. However, if it does, you need to call an emergency number, here is a shorthanded list and by no means complete. But it will most likely help you when needed.

  • 000 – emergency number in Australia
  • 100 – emergency number in India, Greece and Israel
  • 106 – emergency number in Australia for textphone/TTY
  • 108 – emergency number in India (22 states)
  • 111 – emergency number in New Zealand
  • 112 – emergency number across the European Union and on GSM mobile networks across the world
  • 119 – emergency number in Jamaica and parts of Asia
  • 122 – emergency number for specific services in several countries
  • 911 – emergency number in North America and the Philippines
  • 999 – emergency number in many countries

Find out the numbers for police, fire department and ambulance where you go on your vacation. There is typically one number for emergency and one for non-emergency.

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