Designed as a duffel bag on wheels, Osprey’s Rolling Transporter. A review

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Designed as a duffel bag on wheels, Osprey’s Rolling Transporter is one of the most versatile travel bags you can buy and ideal for travelers who don’t have room to stash a full-sized suitcase when they’re not traveling.

Sizes for the Osprey’s Rolling Transporter

Available in three sizes (40-, 90- and 120-litres) the Transporter is all about maximizing the amount of stuff you can carry with you so there’s one big compartment, made easy to access via a large flap that unzips around the whole top of the bag. It’s constructed from tough, water-resistant fabric, too, and with stash pockets at the top and under the flap, surprisingly flexible.

Durability on wheels

The best bit about the Rolling Transporter, though, is how easy its extending handle and wheels make it to get your stuff from A to B. Its rigid base means it’ll stand up without falling over and wide grab-handles on the sides and top mean you have plenty of purchase in getting it on and off the luggage belt and in and out of taxis. Overall, a five-star bag for any kind of traveler and light, too.

Transporter 90 from Osprey is a practical and spacious travel bag on wheels, designed to cope with tough terrain with its ABS polymer materials and extra large polyurethane wheels. The ErgoGrip ™ retractable handle makes transport easy and smart. The body is made of durable TPU laminated nylon for exceptional durability while remaining light and easy to handle. Materials and construction are specially selected to withstand a lot of beating, and the barrel shape design provides a spacious storage space and allows easy loading. It is equipped with internal mesh pockets for easy organization, while a large pocket at the top is perfect for storing travel documents and other valuables.

The main pocket opens to the side so it can be packed in as a suitcase, but can still be folded around like a typical duffel bag with the plurality of grip handles and strap points. It has an ID pocket on the top that allows you to more easily identify the bag on the runway.

Product description details

  • 4 carrying handles
  • Double mesh pocket inside front panel
  • Durable and distinctive waterproof fabric
  • ID card holder
  • Internal compression system
  • Can be locked
  • Osprey HighRoad ™ frame
  • Zipper access to the main pocket via a panel
  • Handle with extendable ErgoGrip ™
  • Panel access via zipper
  • Zipper pocket to store smaller items
  • Material: 840D Nylon TPU Double Coated
  • 3530 grams


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Where can I get my next traveling companion?

You Can Get The Osprey’s Rolling Transporter By Clicking Here

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  1. This duffel bag on wheels idea is brilliant: I’m assuming it’s very much lighter than the normal aeroplane carry-on small suitcase on wheels? From the description, this appears to be exactly the sort of thing I’m looking for but then I looked at the price tag: $269 seems like a _lot_ for this type of item, but maybe its durability justifies the price tag. Thank you for giving me a good idea for my next piece of luggage.

    • The 90 model weigh in at 3530 grams. I’m going to implement that into the review. Thanks for pointing that out. Durability, versatility, and space will always go hand in hand with the price tag. I hope you find it useful and you will consider it when you are going to upgrade. 

  2. Hello Fred,thanks so much for reviewing this product,  osprey packs transporter. To be honest, I would be traveling for my holidays soon and I really wish to get a travel bag that is both built on convenience and durability and spaciousness. This has ticked all the boxes for me and would definitely be a good purchase for money. The price seems steep though, but I am very cool with it since it would serve me well with what I want with it. Thanks

  3. I must say this lost came at the right time, I’ve been in need of something like This for a while but I wasn’t able to get my choice, but now I think I like this Osprey’s Rolling Transporter, the product description given in this article is really nice and the quality of the bag is dope.  It’s really nice stumbling on this post, its gonna be very useful and I’ll share it with Some of my friends and I know they’ll love it. Thanks for the help.

    • I’m very glad to be at assistance. I’m grateful for you want to share this with your friends. I highly appreciate it. More reviews will be published in time. 

  4. This seems like a very nice and very useful transporter for your flights. I sometimes go and travel and most of the times I wouldn´t have enough space to put all of the things I need for my trip, but this seems something I would like tp purchase one day. Thanks for doing this review. Bye

  5. Ospreys pack rolling transporter is really a great travel bag. I like the fact that it can be used on both rough and normal surfaces. It is also a standalone which means it can stand by itself without falling. I like the design and how spacious it is as it would allow for better packing. It also has varieties of ways I can carry it. All these are great features and would definitely make a good bargain for price it is sold for.

    • It would certainly spare you for a lot of frustration while traveling. Durability, space and usefulness are important for your travels. 

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