A faster and safer way to get around. Renting a car. A review/Article about booking.com

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A faster and safer way to get around. Renting a car

Sometimes when traveling, you just want to travel around without be on a bus full of passengers, or thinking about when the bus will arrive or depart. Are you on the correct bus stop? What about the security? Is there a possibility the driver work with criminals and drive you directly into an ambush? This is also a concern when taking a taxi in a foreign country. Then it’s just faster, easier, safer and cheaper to just renting a car through a car rental company.


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Best place to rent a car?


How to rent a car at booking.com

  1. You search the site, or use the app to find a car
  2. You compare the deals and reviews before you chose the car you need
  3. You book the car you have selected
  4. You get the confirmation
  5. Drive away. Oh, you have to remember to deliver the car back in time….

Rental car


To have easy access to a car rental service, you don’t have to look no further. If you trust the information which is provided for you and led out to you, click on the banner on top to find your next car on your travels.
Do you have experience with renting a Car? Please drop a comment below.

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  1. Hello Fred thanks for sharing this wonderful post. I am someone who hates rushing to the bus stop to meet the bus and I must confess its not been a really good experience so far. Although I have plans on getting my car soon but renting one fro now isn’t a bad idea. Do I get to go pick them  car on my own or it will be delivered to me?

    • In most cases it actually cheaper to renting a car compared to own one. Especially if you need to buy one first hand. The beauty with booking.com is that you search where to pick up the car and where to deliver it back. You just put in the information in the search tab when you search for rental time and what car you are after. All the details will you get an electronic confirmation on when you have put in all your information.

  2. I never knew renting a car can be this easy at all. My wife have been on my neck that I get her a car since I’m the one who takes our only car out and she sometimes needs to do some going around. well from what i have seen here, its something I’ll love to give it a try. How would I know how much to pay for a car when I rent it?

    • Sometimes one car in the household isn’t sufficient. Or, the worst case scenario is the car breaking down when you have an important meeting, or need to go to the doctor. It’s very expensive to put your hard earned money in a new car. That’s why renting one is the best option. 

      When searching for a rental car on Booking.com, pay attention to the prices listed in the search results. The advertised price does not include taxes and fees. The total price, which is displayed under the advertised price, is the actual price you will pay for your rental with taxes and fees included.

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